Monday, August 15, 2011

i know the biggest meth whore

I like to sit on my ass and make
meth everyday and sleep with
whores that love to spred there legs
to anyone who looks at them. Its
great I have had the biggest whore
of them all her name is Amber
Walper and she even spread her
legs for you! she will defently break
your heart but as long as you want
some ass and I do mean ass she will
give it up. Her phone number is
HOME fiveone sevenfourthree
sixthreeeightone nine or her cell
fiveoneseven twoonefive
onesixsevenfive thats if you want
some nasty used up pussy that
smells like a whole navel fleet ran
uop in her. Or if you need some
Meth Im cooking right now, I know
you will need some just so you can
fuck that slut Amber I will watch.
My cell number is ninethreeone
threenineseven nivefivesevenone if
you cant reach me right away You
can contact "THE HEAD COOK" Tim
Leik fiveoneseven sixzerofive
sevenfoursevensevenOr ifv you
want to reach His main Hoe Belinda
Gonzolez five one seven twoonefive
threeninetwoone. We all do METH
make METH and fuck everyone and
there brother on METH. We will
steal your shit and all your dignity
and we will throw in a STD or to
also. So come on join in. we can
always fuck over one more. We
Also run a cover operation TOP